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  • High end broadcasting to reach a global audience.
Professional quality sound:
Streamography Studio is equipped with high-quality audio equipment, which can help ensure that your podcast sounds crisp and professional. This can help to attract and retain listeners, as well as make your podcast more appealing to potential sponsors.
Multi-Cam Productions: 
The Studio Multi-cam video productions uses multiple cameras to capture your podcast from different angles simultaneously. This creates a more dynamic and engaging viewing experience for the audience and allows for easy editing by cutting between shots. It's a powerful tool that can help create more visually interesting and immersive video content.
Dedicated space:
By renting the Streamography podcast studio, you'll have a dedicated space to record your podcast. This can help to reduce background noise and other distractions, and allow you to focus on creating the best possible content.
Access to advanced equipment:
Streamography Studios is equipped with advanced equipment that can be expensive to purchase or difficult to set up on your own. By renting our studio, you can gain access to equipment such as high-end microphones, soundboards, and recording software.
Professional guidance:
Streamography offers the services of experienced technicians and producers who can help you to optimize your recording setup and ensure that your podcast sounds its best. They can also provide guidance on things like editing, post-production, and distribution.
Renting Streamography’s podcast studio can provide you with the flexibility to record whenever it's convenient for you. This can be particularly beneficial if you have a busy schedule or if you need to record at odd hours.
Networking opportunities:
Our studio is shared by other podcasters or creatives, which opens the opportunity to network and collaborate with other like-minded individuals. This can help you to grow your audience and build your brand.

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Our subscriptions vary based on the service you select. For example, Podcasts are either weekly, bi-weekly or monthly.

Content Creation is either monthly or bi-monthly.

In either case, a 3-Session minimum is required for all subscriptions.

After purchasing your service and creating an account, will login to your portal and book sessions there.

All purchases include the hardware, software and professional technicians to create your content, livestream your event or bring your podcast to life!

Ancillary services like editing or content syndication can be added on to each session.

We have marketing partners that we are very tight with and we would be happy to give you some guidance where we are able.

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