Illuminate your events with captivating visuals through our professional projection services, turning ordinary gatherings into extraordinary experiences.

What's involved


Our team of tech experts will bring our own professional Projectors and make the proper connections for you.

Projector Screens

Our crew will bring our own Projector Screens, set them up for you and calibrate the projector to optimize the image quality.

Projection Laptop

If you need a dedicated projection laptop, we can provide this and have the Digital assets downloaded and tested ahead of time.

Projection Audio

If needed, our Audio Engineers can get involved and ensure that any projection audio is professionally amplified for the room.

Projection Technician

Need a dedicated projection technician? We can provide a techy production expert that can serve as a Projection technician. Ensuring that the projected media goes smoothly.


Absolutely. We have covered events from Portugal, to Hawaii and every time zone in-between.

Start by scheduling a Production Meeting. One of our Event Producers will walk you through our process as well as identify your needs.

From there, we will build a quote and with your approval, the real work begins.

Yes we always require a 50% deposit.

A deposit allows us to:

  • Hold your dates
  • Schedule labor
  • Reserve gear
  • Book travel (if necessary)

Contact us

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