Make your event shine with proper lighting

What's involved


Used to highlight specific areas or features of the event, such as a stage, artwork, or key elements of the décor.


Placing lights at ground level to project light upwards, often against walls or architectural features, to create a dramatic effect.

String Lights and Bistro Lighting

Creates a warm, inviting atmosphere, commonly used for outdoor events, weddings, or garden parties.

Design Lighting

Create beautiful immersive lighting design to compliment your event.

Hanging Light Grids

Elevate your event with our Hanging Light Grids. With a seamless installation and customizable ambiance to enchant your guests, we can transform any venue into a breathtaking spectacle and create unforgettable moments under the mesmerizing cascade of light.

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The most common types of lighting are Uplights and Spotlights are the most common lighting.

That being said, we have clients that have such different needs. Let's schedule a production meeting and figure out what your needs are.

Yes we provide lighting technicians to setup, manage and breakdown the lighting for the duration of the event.

Absolutely. We have covered events from Portugal, to Hawaii and every time zone in-between.

Start by scheduling a Production Meeting. One of our Event Producers will walk you through our process as well as identify your needs.

From there, we will build a quote and with your approval, the real work begins.

Yes we always require a 50% deposit.

A deposit allows us to:

  • Hold your dates
  • Schedule labor
  • Reserve gear
  • Book travel (if necessary)

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