Offering supplemental internet services for events involves considering several factors to ensure a smooth and reliable connections.

What's involved

Network Infrastructure

Evaluate the venue's existing network infrastructure. Determine if it can support the expected demand or if additional equipment (routers, access points, etc.) is needed.

Internet Bonding

Internet bonding merges diverse internet connections (DSL, cable, 4G/5G) into a singular, robust network, ensuring uninterrupted, high-speed internet access for businesses, events, or remote locations. By intelligently distributing data across these connections, it enhances reliability and mitigates disruptions caused by individual line issues.

Wireless Connectivity

Ensure comprehensive Wi-Fi coverage throughout the venue. Strategically place access points to avoid dead zones and account for potential interference from other devices or structures.

Internet Service Provider (ISP)

Partner with a reliable ISP capable of providing sufficient bandwidth for the event's needs. Negotiate a temporary internet solution or a dedicated connection, depending on the event's scale and duration.

On-site Support

Have IT professionals available on-site to address any connectivity issues promptly. This team can troubleshoot problems, manage network traffic, and provide technical support to attendees if needed.


Absolutely. We have produced events from Portugal, to Hawaii and every time zone in-between.

Start by scheduling a Production Meeting. One of our Producers will walk you through our process as well as identify your needs.

From there, we will build a quote and with your approval, the real work begins.

Yes we always require a 50% deposit.

A deposit allows us to:

  • Hold your dates
  • Schedule labor
  • Reserve gear
  • Book travel (if necessary)

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