We do the tech, you do the event.

Our technicians have years of experience producing Live Events and our arsenal includes top-tier sound systems and live engineering.

From intimate affairs to large events, our crew can take audio off of your plate.

What's involved

Sound Engineers

The technicians that will setup, refine and breakdown all of the audio gear.

Audio for an event is important, so it requires a dedicated professional


Soundboards or mixers are used to balance and adjust audio levels from various sources then output the mix to the speakers, a livestream, etc.


Dynamic, condenser, or wireless mics for performers, speakers, or instruments.

PA Speakers

We will provide as many speakers as needed and place them in a way to provide balanced audio to all in attendance.


Absolutely. We have produced events from Portugal, to Hawaii and every time zone in-between.

Start by scheduling a Production Meeting. One of our Event Producers will walk you through our process as well as identify your needs.

From there, we will build a quote and with your approval, the real work begins.

Yes we always require a 50% deposit.

A deposit allows us to:

  • Hold your dates
  • Schedule labor
  • Reserve gear
  • Book travel (if necessary)

Contact us

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